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The Brno Museum Night says thank you: “My ‘Brno-ers’ Understand Me“

The seventh edition of the Brno Museum Night is over. For the number crunchers it can be summed up as follows: On Saturday 14th May at 6pm the 16 participating institutions provided free access to their 31 buildings with a total of 50 permanent and temporary exhibitions, 90 cultural programmes and with over 145,000 visitor entries recorded over the night. With those who know that it is impossible to count everything in life, we can recollect the inebriating atmosphere of Brno at night brimming with people who came to town for art, culture and learning. Our photo gallery offers a testimonial.

The organizers believe that people will also return to the museums and galleries during the rest of the year. The feedback and comments on the work of the exhibition institutions were the leitmotif of this year’s Brno Museum Night. Its subtitle ”Talk to us, we are interested in you” called on visitors to air their views on the work of the museums and galleries through a questionnaire. The participating institutions now have the welcome obligation to go through the responses and attempt to identify what they can do in order to entice people to visit exhibitions more frequently.

Kateřina Tlachová from the Moravian Gallery in Brno who was in charge of the goings-on during the Brno Museum Night says: ”I am very pleased that over seven years this event has become a phenomenon that needs no further introduction, a festival of museums and culture which many citizens of Brno more or less automatically mark in their May calendar. I am just as pleased with the interest on the part of “novices” such as students who approach us with questions such as: “I am studying for the first year in Brno, have heard quite a lot about the Museum Night and would definitely like to go, where can I learn more?‛ This year I have been particularly pleased with a number of things: The willingness of dozens of volunteers to work on the preparations and organization of the Museum Night with no rewards apart from the feeling that they have contributed to an event they like. The interest of visitors coming from shorter or longer distances that we are aware of thanks to emails, and which testifies to the renown of the Brno Museum Night – a family from Frýdek-Místek or a teacher with students from Ostrov, who set out to Brno for the Museum Night, as well as foreign students and visitors asking for programmes in German and English. Acknowledgement by our colleagues from the South Bohemian Region, the Bohemian-Moravian Highland Region, and Lower Austria who visited the Brno Museum Night as part of starting the cross-border collaboration project Porta culturae. And, traditionally, the hard work and competence of my colleagues from the Moravian Gallery in Brno and the other participating institutions who together prepare the Museum Night.“

In the end we would like to thank all our partners and patrons again for collaboration and support, in particular the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, the Association of Museums and Galleries of the Czech Republic and the Public Transport Authority in Brno, and to invite you to the eighth Brno Museum Night in May 2012.

Your organizers and participating institutions

PS Please do not forget that the printed programme brochure (in Czech) for the Brno Museum Night contains free tickets for two for selected events during the year. Use them! We look forward to seeing you.


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The Brno Museum Night is a member of the Festival of Museum Nights organized by the Association of Czech Museums and Galleries with support by the Czech Ministry of Culture. It is held with the financial support of the City of Brno and significantly contributed to the Brno Public Transport company that provides free transport to the exhibition buildings outside the city centre.